Mission Statement

RAKtoberfest’s mission is to:

bring the dances, culture and history

of the Middle East to northwest Michigan.


RAKtoberFest’s goal is to:

appeal to all Bellydance aficionados

by providing instructors

that teach across the spectrum

rather than staying “inside the box.”


RAKtoberFest is committed to:

honoring the legacy of all the dancers

that came before

by passing those dances down

to the next generation of students.


RAKtoberFest’s vision is to:

raise the barre of

Middle Eastern dance workshops

while raising the quality

of the students who attend the festival.


RAKtoberFest is dedicated to:

sponsoring high-quality instructors

that appeal to and instruct both

AmCab/Oriental and Tribal dancers.


What is the purpose of the event?

To make this event more than

“just another dance workshop”.

This event is designed to be an experience.

You will be able to spend quality time

with the instructor.

You will learn more than just

technique and choreography,

but you will also learn

history, philosophy, and method.

This event goes beyond the dance steps,

you also have Q&A sessions

to pick the instructor’s brain.

 Nourishing food is vegetarian and gluten-free.


Why does the event exist?

At some point in a student’s career, t

hey come to a point where they must pass

on the knowledge that they have attained.

This is a long-standing and sacred responsibility.

It is the purpose of the School of Rak,

the sponsor of RAKtoberFest,

to “give back” by organizing this event 

so that others may also learn and grow

from various instructors.


What are the top three ways that makes this event unique?

1) Quality-time lecture

and Q&A sessions with the instructor

2) Geared towards BOTH

Cabaret/Oriental and Tribal dancers

3) Healthy, nutritious and delicious food